Marine & Industrial Hydraulics Trident Actuator Company

Trident Fail-Set Last Position Actuators operating AWWA 72"W x 96"H Sluice Gates.

Trident Actuators are customized for every application

Every Trident Actuator is designed and built for a specific application. The design process takes into account the type of valve or gate and the force and speed required to open and close the valve or gate with either linear or rotary applications. Separate opening, closing and emergency-closing speeds can be adjusted to satisfy the special needs of the customer.

MIH also designs and builds customized local and remote electric control panels that can include, among other features, PLC and relay controls, feedback transducers, indicating lights, interlocks, alarms and Human Machine Interface (“HMI”) to meet the special needs of the customer. The control panel can operate the Trident Actuator with hard wired controls or Industrial Ethernet and is manufactured to U.L. 508 standards.