Marine & Industrial Hydraulics Trident Actuator Company

Trident Fail-Close On Command Actuator operating a 48" Ball Valve for seismic protection of the pipeline. Emergency operation is triggered by seismic sensor.

Trident Actuators are self-contained

Trident Actuators were the first electro-hydraulic unitized actuators designed with all components within one enclosure. As a result, no field hydraulic connections are required for Trident Actuators. All internal tubing and fittings of Trident Actuators are stainless steel. Trident Actuators have a leak-free, vent-free closed hydraulic system that prevents the intrusion of moisture and other foreign matter. The rugged enclosure protects the electrical and mechanical components from deterioration due to harsh atmospheric conditions where Trident Actuators operate, as well as dust, water and other harmful elements.