Marine & Industrial Hydraulics Trident Actuator Company

In the words of a satisfied customer,
"It just works."

Customers continually praise the performance and durability of Trident Actuators. Statements like "the actuators are working like a charm" and "the actuators are working great" are routinely heard from purchasers of Trident Actuators. Many MIH customers are involved in retrofitting Water Treatment Facilities and purchase Trident Actuators to replace actuators made by others. Also, in a casualty involving a fire in the engine room at a major municipality wastewater treatment plant, the durability of Trident Actuators and the professionalism of MIH personnel were specifically recognized for their role in returning the plant to operational status in a brief period of time. Prospective customers are encouraged to speak with any purchaser concerning the durability of Trident Actuators and the expertise of MIH's workforce.