Marine & Industrial Hydraulics Trident Actuator Company

Trident Fail-Safe Close Actuators installed on 30" Cone Check Valves in a raw water pumping station.

The History of Trident Actuators

Marine & Industrial Hydraulics, Inc. ("MIH"), the exclusive manufacturer and seller of Trident Actuators, was founded in 1968 by John J. Wright, a master engineer with a talent for invention and the holder of numerous patents for electro-hydraulic actuators. Now in its fifth decade, MIH carries on Wright's spirit of innovation with the designing and building of every Trident Electro-Hydraulic Actuator. Based on unique technologies developed and patented by Wright, every Trident Actuator is built with great expertise and relentless attention to detail by an experienced workforce in its workshop in Mamaroneck, New York. As a pioneer and innovator in its field, MIH is able to draw from its continuously expanding wealth of experience to satisfy the special needs of its customers.

In North America - Trident Actuators
are in use and in demand

Today Trident Actuators are in use in facilities that control the flow of fluids through pipe and channels throughout North America and are in great demand because of their unparalleled sustainability and performance. Trident Actuators are the first and finest unitized actuators for both rotary and linear applications. They were specifically designed to meet the exacting specifications and operate in the harsh environment of the vast network of the New York City Waste Water Collection Facilities and Treatment Plants. Trident Actuators are the actuator of choice in many Water Treatment Facilities in North America.

In facilities as simple as municipal pumping stations with a single valve and actuator and as complex as the New York City Waste Water Collection and Treatment Plants, Trident Actuators are the gold standard. They are designed for safe, reliable service and are virtually maintenance free.